Arbitration is referral of a dispute to one or more impartial persons for final and binding determination. Private and confidential, it is designed for quick, practical, and economical resolution of disputes. 

Parties can exercise additional control over the arbitration process by adding specific provisions to their contracts' arbitration clauses or, when a dispute arises, through the modification of certain of the arbitration rules to suit a particular dispute. Stipulations may be made regarding confidentiality of proprietary information used; evidence, locale, number of arbitrators; and issues subject to arbitration, as examples. 

The parties may also provide for expedited arbitration procedures, including the time limit for rendering an award, if they anticipate a need for hearings to be scheduled on short notice. All such mutual agreements will be binding on the arbitrator.

Richard DeWitt is a Supreme Court of Florida Certificated arbitrator with  extensive training and experience serving in a wide range of arbitrations, including:
  • Business,
  • Commercial,
  • Franchise,
  • Securities,
  • Real Estate,
  • Technology and
  • Employment related disputes

This includes large complex cases involving national and international parties and complicated multi party disputes. Experience and/or training in both domestic and international arbitration laws and procedures, including AAA, ICDR, UNCITRAL, ICSID, ICC and LCIA rules and procedures.

Mr. DeWitt serves as neutral or party appointed arbitrator in ad hoc and institutionally administered arbitrations such as:
  • American Arbitration Association 
  • International Center for Dispute Resolution
  • CPR
  • FINRA Dispute Resolution Board of Arbitrators;
  • National Arbitration Forum's Panel of
  • ICC
  • CDRS Panel of Neutrals; 
  • Franchise Arbitration and Mediation Services Panel of Neutrals. 
He also serves as arbitration co-counsel to support Party Counsel in large complex cases and  in connection with technology and telecommunications related matters.