“Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there." 
​Jelaluddin Rumi  

​Mediation is a meeting between disputants, their representatives and a mediator to discuss settlement. The mediator's role is to help the disputants explore issues, needs and settlement options. The mediator may offer suggestions and point out issues that the disputants may have overlooked, but resolution of the dispute rests with the disputants themselves.

​A mediation conference can be scheduled very quickly and requires a relatively small amount of preparation time. The conference usually begins with a joint discussion of the case, followed by the mediator working with the disputants both together and separately, if appropriate, to resolve the case. Many cases are resolved; statistics show that 85% of commercial matters and 95% of personal injury matters end in written settlement agreements.

​Richard DeWitt is a  Supreme Court of Florida Certified Circuit Civil Court and Applet Court mediator with extensive training and experience serving in a wide range of mediations, including:
​Real Estate,
Law Enforcement, and
Employment related disputes

This includes large complex cases involving national and international parties and complicated multi party disputes. 

He serves as a mediator in disputes in:Court mandated cases,Pre Suit voluntary Mediations,Contractual non-litigation mediations, andInstitutionally administered MediationsMr. DeWitt also serves as co-counsel or consultant in large complex commerical / business mediations and mediations involving telecommunications and technology matters.